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Indraprastha All India Sports Foundation is working towards keeping juveniles away from crime

We are working on juvenile counseling and mental healing of Juveniles.

So far we have supported the healing journey of 13,500 children, adolescents, adult survivors, and 2822 family members and caregivers by providing psychoeducation / counseling and psycho-social intervention. Counseling at Indraprastha aims at supporting the healing journey of children and adult survivors and helping them attend to psycho-social stability.

Our Mission Towards A Safe Digital Future

The Mission of Our NGO Indraprastha All India Sports Foundation About Cyber Crime is a comprehensive and rounded approach to the ever-evolving cyber world. We are not only helping you safeguard from cybercrime but also helping you in using technology comprehensively for your benefit. We believe that knowledge is empowerment and so access to this knowledge would be of immense benefit to you as an internet user. Through our videos on our Youtube Channel “INDRAPRASTHA ALL INDIA SPORTS FOUNDATION” we also aim to update you regularly on the occurrences of the cyber world, And New Cyber Crimes. This would help you in your day-to-day online dealings. We would also try to provide you with legal help and consultation in cases of cybercrime and security. We hope that this holistic approach to the cyber world would help us in our prime mission – keeping you safe.

Our Purpose Towards A High-Tech Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Our purpose serves as the foundation. guiding our work toward a  society where we saw a need for high-tech cold storage in Haryana because there is less cold storage between Delhi to Punjab. This has led to the price of vegetables and fruits reaching high. We want to help the farmers and people of Haryana and Delhi region by providing them with this much-needed service. We have been able to build a strong foundation for our Trust by working on these principles-

1) our purpose serves as the foundation, guiding our work toward a society where everyone can live well

2. Everyone gets all the food at a cheap price so everyone can afford good quality food.

3. With the help of cold storage the region will get healthy and quality food.

4. We will make special cold storage for apples, seasonable fruits, and Frozen fruits. which will help to get quality and cheap food in these regions

You have a great opportunity to support us and make a difference in society.

Our Purpose Towards A Charitable Cancer Hospital

Cancer Hospital

IAISF is a non-profit trust that is developing charitable hospitals for society in India.

We will develop our first charitable hospital in the Haryana region because of the less number of cancer hospitals in the region, Haryana region people have to come to Delhi to cure cancer.

The center will provide comprehensive cancer treatment, patient care, and research through sustainable charity. In addition to providing general cancer care, the institute will also training courses for nurses, paramedical staff, and medical fraternity including super specialty training in Oncology and PhD programs.

You have a great opportunity to support us and make a difference in society.
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