About Us

IAISF non-profitable trust main contribution is to
enhance sports and sportsmanship and to search and promote hidden talents of the society from gross root levels and provide them with training facilities. We are also developing cold storage & cancer Hospital in the Hariyana area for the people of the society.

We extend our passion for serving society by empowering women, children, and the weaker sections of society.

We strengthen the mental health of society by providing free counselling and psychotherapy by the experts of ‘Creating Miracles’.


We empower women by providing them with free education and make them financially independent by providing them employment.
We provide work opportunities to skilled workers and provide them with free equipments.

We work for the under privileged sections too .
We rehabilitate the juvenile delinquents by providing them with free counselling sessions by the experts of Creating Miracles thus helping them to join the main stream of society.

We educate and counsel the children of sex workers so that they can prove to be the positive part of the society leaving the dark past behind.
We provide post traumatic counselling to the rape victims and guide their families to handle them more empathetically.

We dream of a happy and healthy society and work passionately towards that.