Indraprastha All India Sports Foundation

Indraprastha All India Sports Foundation (IAISF) is a Non-profitable Trust, associated with an NGO which is closely working to saving wildlife in India. This Trust is run by sports enthusiasts who are passionate about sports.IAISF is also working on sports on grass root level in order to up-scale the development of sports in the country. The main motive of this Trust is to provide ample opportunities to sports enthusiasts, irrespective of the segment of the society they belong to. If they have passion, we have sports opportunities for them.

Searching Cricket Talent- IAISF is committed to showcase the best young and cricket talent across the nation by building various cricket properties, organizing cricket tournament and telecasting shows. It provides a perfect platform for budding cricketers from every corner of the country, irrespective of their social status. The objective is to get the right platform for deserving and talented youth.

IAISF to committed to create a Cricket Show on National Television network in order to provide a perfect platform for emerging Cricket enthusiasts by judging their talent and providing them the best exposure in order to enhance their cricket skills with the help of the best coaches and mentors , and prepare them for international level.

IAISF Foundation Motive- IAISF Foundation Motive is to provide ample services to the poor and underprivileged people of the society. IAISF Foundation is a charitable, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of poor families and communities in need.

Our primary purpose is to help create a better quality of life through implementation and support of culturally appropriate projects that nurture and improve their emotional, educational, medical, social and cultural well-being.

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